Monday, December 23, 2013

The Well by Mildred Taylor****

The Well is about the Logan family and their struggles with racism in the early 1900's. Ten-year-old David (who is an adult in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry) tells the story about the drought in rural Mississippi in 1910.  His family's well is the only one with water left. David's family lets everyone use the water from the well, even the Simmses (the really mean white people). Then Charlie Simms sees the Logans walking along the road and calls them over. He asks them (David and Hammer) to lift up the wagon so he can put a new wheel on it. Charlie messes around till David drops the wagon, then beats David for not holding up the wagon. This sends Hammer into a rage, and he beats Charlie Simms up. David and Hammer are forced to work on Charlie Simms' father's farm. Charlie and his brother make fun of the Logans and threaten to ruin their well.

This is a really short story. It is about ninety pages, but is part of the The Land series. It is as good, or better, than The Land. I really thought that this built onto the Logans' story and gives you more insight about them. I really like the amount of detail that Taylor puts into her books. It makes it seem very real, as if the story actually happened (and it probably did because she writes stories about her family). I felt like I was part of the story, and I found myself getting just as upset as the characters. This book gave me a better understanding of racism and its effects. I think that anyone should read this book. especially if you are a fan of Mildred Taylor (or if you have been required to read any of her other books in school).