Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tales From the Odyssey, Part 1 by Mary Pope Osborne****

I've read Tales From the Odyssey before, but I was short on time and really enjoy Greek mythology, so this was a really good choice.  This book all starts when Odysseus is called to the Trojan War. He is the one with the idea for the Trojan horse. Then when Odysseus is to come home, his ship is blown off track. He encounters the worst monsters, the most powerful sorceresses, and the wrath of the gods.

Since this book was part 1, I will try to read the second part. I absolutely love any kind of mythology. I think that this book is very vibrant on detail, even though it is very short. I was hooked on this mythology story, and, if you didn't know, the author wrote The Magic Tree House books. I think that this iss a really good book, and anyone should try reading Greek mythology.