Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Eve and Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate****

You have probably heard the story of Adam and Eve. But you've never heard the story of Eve and Adam. Eve is in a car crash. Her leg is half torn off, and her arm has been smashed to bits. Her mother takes her from the hospital immediately, even though her daughter could die at any time. Eve is told not to take off her bandages. She soon gets very bored after a few days at her new "home." Eve's mom tells her that she can work with a newer project. Eve is able to create the perfect boy, her soul mate. Eve creates "Adam," as her friend likes to call him. Then Solo, one of the people who helps her out at the hospital, shows her horrible pictures of mutants and freaks who have been created through the program that Eve used to design Adam. Eve runs away to destroy her mother, but at the same time, her mother is sending Adam after her. This takes Eve and Solo on a journey through the science world of playing God.

This book tests the limits of science. It would be really scary if people could just make a perfect person. I think this book is very good overall. It is very humorous and pretty action-packed. I know anybody who reads this won't put it down until they are done. I think that there is a bit more mature content in this book, but it was not too inappropriate. This book is very creative and very detailed. It is told through multiple points of view, which makes the story even more interesting. I really enjoyed this one, and I am sure it will be an award nominee soon.