Saturday, December 28, 2013

Replica by Jenna Black*****

In Replica, Nadia has to be married to Nate, the Chairman heir. At their party, Nate wants to go downstairs to visit his boyfriend. Nadia doesn't want to risk exposing his secret, but Nate insists. There they meet Nate's boyfriend, Kurt, who has been waiting for a while. Nadia refuses to keep guard for them, saying that what they're doing is wrong. Later that night, Nate is murdered in the closet where he and Kurt were. Nadia thinks that this is her fault for not guarding the room where they were. She hopes that a replica will be made of Nate. A replica is an exact copy of the person from whenever they had their last scan. The power dims whenever a replica's being made, so when the light/power starts to dim, Nadia has hopes. She meets up with the replicated Nate and learns that he is devastated that Kurt is on the run from the law. Kurt had stolen Nate's money to get away from the city. Nate is determined to find Kurt, and along the way, he and Nadia find out the horrible secrets that the whole city has been hiding for a long time.

This book was very interesting. It dealt with immortality, which is a common subject, but this book made it believable. It was a machine copying the person's  last scan of their body and creating the same person to bring them back from the dead. I think that this book was very good overall, and it might be an award winner sometime soon. This really reminded me of Eve and Adam, and if you love sci-fi types of novels, I'm sure you'll love this one too.