Saturday, December 21, 2013

Free Fall by Ariela Anhalt****

In Free Fall there is the cliff, the cliff where it happened. The murder. Luke had been living a fairly normal life at Briar Academy when a new kid, Russel, begins to go to Luke's and his best friend Hayden's school. Luke and Hayden fence (a type of swordplay). It turns out that Russel fences as well, and he steals Hayden's girlfriend. Hayden hates Russel, but allows him to join the fencing team. The initiation (way to join) is jumping off a cliff. On one side there are very sharp rocks, on the other, there is just water. Hayden and Luke take Russel to the cliff. Then Russel chickens out. Russel says he'll jump, but Hayden gives him a little shove. Russel falls into the sharp rocks and dies. This instigates a court case full of feeling, regret, and most of all, the test of friendship.

This book is heart-breaking at the end. Now, I won't spoil the ending, but this book is amazing. It is full of teen stories about life. There was a lot of swearing in this book, so I would recommend this to older kids. I loved this book a lot, and I hope you love it as well.