Sunday, December 22, 2013

Insignia by S.J. Kincaid*****

In Insignia World War III has started. The military is looking for kids who can play video games, especially if they always win. Tom is chosen for this program when his system is hacked. He is loaded into a barren landscape with a tank bearing down on him. He jumps into the trench, trying not to be killed. He notices that the weapon on the floor can't take out a tank. But it can create a nice distraction for the tank, creating just enough time for him to run to the bunker that contains antitank weapons. Then he realizes that's the most obvious thing to do. So he fires the rifle at the tank, shrouding it in a cloud of dust. Then he jumps onto the tank, blasting off the hatch's lock and exposing the pilot to the Martian air. Instead of watching him die, Tom bludgeons the pilot to death. This gets him into the military program. They have to insert a tiny computer into his head to help him with the skills he needs to end World War III. Tom embarks on the time of his life, meeting new friends, falling in love, and just doing normal things.

This book reminded me of Ender's Game. If you haven't read, or even heard of this book, I highly recommend it. I loved Insignia a little bit less than Petey, but it is a close second. I think that anyone who reads this will be swept away by how good the author's writing is. It felt like you were the character and that this was real. Anyone and everyone should read this book.