Sunday, December 8, 2013

Silent to the Bone by E.L. Konigsburg****

In Silent to the Bone an accident has happened. Branwell has dropped his baby sister, Nikki, in the bathroom, causing his babysitter to freak out. She tells him to call 911, but whenever he does that, he can't talk. Vivian, his babysitter, has to tell the operator what has happened to the baby. The baby has slipped into a coma, and nobody knows when she'll wake up. Branwell goes silent, out of fear, or out of shame. It's up to Branwell's friend, Connor, to find out what really happened to the baby. Connor and his step-sister, Margaret, find out that Vivian was smoking near the nursery, and never really looked out for the baby. Can Connor figure out the mystery clouding Nikki's story, and can he figure out why Branwell went silent?

This book is a good mystery book. I loved the "code" Connor used with Branwell to get him to give him details about the sister. I think Connor could have been described better though. He is like a blank slate, a body with no face, just white space. This book has a lot of mature content. This is definitely not for elementary kids. I think the book could have used more detail, but I overall liked this book.