Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pirate Cinema by Cory Doctrow****

In Pirate Cinema Trent is a movie-maker. He copies videos without proper terms. He gets his three strikes, and his family's Internet is taken away. Feeling miserable, he runs away from home. He ends up in London, taken in by Jem, another runaway, of a sort. Jem knows how to live it up. He realized that people will donate to people with white signs, and he knows where free food is. He gains a free home by squatting, or moving into abandoned houses. He goes to an illegal movie outing and meets his soon-to-be girlfriend. They have a journey through movies, courts, and copyright laws. But the one question is, what movie will Trent make next?

I love this author. I have read Little Brother, which is one of his books. I like the style of writing Cory Doctrow uses. It combines real world problems with a fictional story. I think this book is a bit more mature, so no one in middle-school should be reading this book.