Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Second Impact by David Klass and Perri Klass****

Second Impact is about Jerry. He is the star quarterback until he almost kills a girl while he is driving drunk. He is kicked off the football team. When next season rolls around, it's up to him to redeem himself. He blazes through the season with his main receiver Danny. Then he is hit. Hard. He is taken off the field and looked at for a concussion. He can't really understand anything and sits out for a couple of games. Then Danny gets hit. Harder. He is out for about three minutes before he comes back. He understands everything and can function, but something is off. Meanwhile, Jerry and his sort of friend Carla are hard at work on the school's blog. Carla is talking about head injuries; Jerry is talking about football. On the day of the championship game, Jerry is sick, but he still goes to school so he can play. Danny is still benched because of the hit, but he gets to play a bit. Then all hope is lost. Jerry notices something about Danny that doesn't seem right. He ends up losing the game but saving his friend's life.

I think this book presses into an important matter. Football. So many people get injured, and everyone's like, "Enh." We just don't care because we love the action of the game (and we're sort of barbaric). I loved the style that this was written in--blog format. I think that almost anyone can learn a lesson from this story and benefit from it too.