Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Son of the Mob by Gordan Korman*****

In Son of the Mob Vince is living his normal life. As normal as he can get. His father runs a loan shark/drug-dealing business. He is looking for his girl, so when he takes a girl on a date, something goes wrong. There's a body wrapped in the blanket he needs. He tells the girl that they don't need the blanket. The girl freaks out when she sees the body. For Vince, this is expected. His father is a mobster. Vince's friend, Alex, tells him that they should try out for the football team.Vince reluctantly joins, but when he's a star player on the field, he knows something's up. Then he hears the other team whispering, "That's Luca." He realizes that they aren't tackling him because they're afraid of his dad. Vince quits, and in the lockeroom a reporter interviews him. She asked him why he quit. He tells hers a complete lie about the coach, just joking around. He goes to a frat party with Alex later, and he sees the reporter girl, Kendra, and saves her from a collage slob. Kendra and Vince start to date. But then Vince learns about her father, who's the FBI agent who wants to bring Vince's father down. Vince automatically knows it wouldn't be a good idea for them to meet each others parents. This tale of true love brings you on a magical journey through law and mobsters.

This book had me hooked. There are some details that left out on purpose. I think this books main point was humor. There was humor around every corner, and this combined with this author's writing just made an amazing book. There was some very mature content, I'm not even sure I should have read it.