Friday, December 20, 2013

20 Years Later by E.J. Newman****

In 20 Years Later it is a near future. There are few humans to be found. Most survivors are with gangs or help gangs. Zane and his mom help the Bloomsbury Boys with injuries and medicine. Then Zane is called to meet up with the Red Lady. She asks him to join her gang, but he has to train with one of her warriors. Zane readily accepts this deal, spellbound by her beauty. Zane soon meets Titus, someone with connections that he just can't place. Then they meet Erin, the Red Lady's best warrior's daughter. They soon realize that they all have special skills. Zane can heal by touch, Titus can move things with his mind, and Erin is a really good archer/warrior. They are in their dreamworld when somebody new appears. Her name is Eve. She has lived with the "gang" Unders for a while now. The Unders test out vaccines on children to see if they can reverse the effects of the disease, a very, very, bad disease. Titus, Zane, Erin, and Eve must help each other out in finding the secrets of the world they live in.

This book is, well, different. Most people talk about the disease that wipes out anyone, but the inventor of this disease (SPOILER ALERT) is racist, creating it only to take out "colored" people, but as we can guess, it killed almost everyone. Smart thinking. I think this book is very action-packed--there isn't a spot where anything isn't happening. There are constant fights, constant detective work, even constant healing from Zane. I loved this book and maybe you will too.