Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fallout by Todd Strasser****

It's during the Cold War. In FalloutScott's family is one of the only families left. There's a threat that the Russians will actually launch the bombs. Then they do. Scott's family manages to get into the only bunker on the street. Theirs. Many people try to pry open the door to get in the bunker, but only six make it in with Scott's family of four. Everyone else dies. Scott is mad at his friend Ronnie, who made it in the bunker, because of some pretty jacked up stuff. Scott faces arguments about killing people, nudity, and food. Scott and his family experience the nuclear war that could have happened and the events that follow.

This book is very interesting. It shows what could have happened during the Cold War. I think that this book was a bit over-detailed. The way the author described the bunker is really good though This book was decent overall, and I think that it's a book for anyone middle school or older. It definitely made me think about what I would do if I were trapped in a small space with limited resources.