Monday, December 16, 2013

MILA 2.0 by Debra Driza*****

Is there an android out there? And how realistic is it? MILA 2.0 sees herself as a human, never having been told that she is an android. Her father died a few days before she moved to Clearwater, Minnesota. She lives as normally as she can without being the weird new girl. Then a new boy moves to town, and one of her so-called friends starts to treat her like dirt. They have a rivalry over him. MILA's friend makes her sit in the back of her truck, and starts to speed up in order to impress the new boy (Hunter). MILA's friend crashes the car, sending MILA flying. She has a huge gash in her arm, but no blood comes out. All she can see is circuits. When she gets home, her "mother" breaks the news to her. This invokes many actions that involve her going through tests of her awesome andriod skills. She fights her way to keep her "mother" safe, and to survive herself.

This book is a big book--over 450 pages. I would think that this would have no unanswered questions, but as always, there's questions to be answered. I would've liked to know what happens to MILA, so maybe there will be a sequel. I loved this book and its humor. Even though it had a lot of sad parts, it was just plain awesome. I think anyone should read this book if they're looking for a good read.