Monday, December 2, 2013

Running With the Kenyans by Adharanand Finn***

How good are you at running? In Running With the Kenyans Adharanand Finn moves to Kenya to train to compete in a race. He trains almost every day, learning that running barefoot is actually better for you. As he travels through Kenya, running cross-country and other fun events, he learns more and more about technique and style. When it's time to compete in the marathon (he's running the half marathon), Finn is completely relaxed, and he makes his way across the finish line first for his group. He is also studying how Kenyans run so well and so fast.

This book was hard to read, probably because it is non-fiction. I liked when he was describing why some countries just don't have any motivation to run, even though that's what we were made to do. Literally. We have the Achilles Tendon, and that makes us super runners. We also think that we should land on our heels right? Wrong. We should land on our forefeet. I loved how much information this book included. Kenyans can run so fast because of mindset. Kenyans think they can always win, and they usually do. I hope you can learn something from this book.