Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sketchy by Olivia Samms*****

In Sketchy, Bea is facing some troubles. She just got out of rehab for alcohol addiction. She intends to remain normal and continue to go to school. At her new school, she meets an old friend, Chris. Bea and Chris had met at an art camp. He tells her that one of the girls at their school, the "boss," had been raped. Bea sees the person who raped Willa. Bea has been able to see thing that people are thinking about, but only if she is drawing them. And she has to be sober. Bea investigates the murder, becoming the next target. She brings justice to Willa and all the girls the rapist killed or hurt.

This book is really good. It has a lot of action and adventure for a shorter book. I know that there will be a sequel because this is the first book in the chronicle. I loved the way this book flowed, and how the author used the drug addictions to her advantage. This book is for older kids; there was too much inappropriate stuff going on for it to be read by middle school kids.