Saturday, January 4, 2014

Somebody Up There Hates You by Hollis Seamon**

In Somebody Up There Hates You, Richard is stuck in a hospice, diagnosed with SUTHY (Somebody up there hates you). His only company is his mom, one of the hospital workers, and Sylvie. He is just hanging around when his uncle comes and takes him outside the hospice for Halloween. They go trick-or-treating, even though he's seventeen. Then they go to a bar, and some stuff happens that I'm not going to explain. When he gets back to the hospital, some more stuff happens, and he learns the meaning of life.

In this blog I'm trying to be really kid friendly. There is some pretty jacked up stuff happening, and again, I'm not mentioning them. I think this book is very interesting. It is more inappropriate than most books. It's a bit slow, and it took me a few hours even though it is a decently short book. I really don't recommend this for younger kids or older kids as well. Maybe I'm not ready for the inappropriate stuff in this book, but I did not like the way the theme comes either. The main character learns to live life to the fullest, but in a messed up kind of way.