Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Swagger was one of those books that you can really get into. I loved the way the book flowed from event to event. It wasn't one of those books were it would hop from place to place. Jonas is getting ready for a college scholarship, but he has to move, which means resetting his grades. He really worked hard for them. Hours upon hours of studying, all going down the drain. Jonas knows it's important to his father to get the job, so he agrees. Then the worst thing ever happens. He gets the only coach who doesn't care whether they win of lose. The coach makes them run plays that have them moving slower than a snail. Jonas must adapt to his new environment, and make the decision of his life. This book has a lot, a lot of real world details. I've had coaches that tell us to take it slow, and not to rush anything. I think that anyone reading this book, and who has played basketball, will feel the pain with Jonas and his career breaking decision.