Friday, January 10, 2014

Scorched by Mari Mancusi*****

In Scorched, Trinity's grandfather has gotten the final piece of his loony collection--the very last dragon egg. Nobody believes him, but a new problem arises. He goes missing. Trinity is worried about her grandfather when a boy walks up to her and tells her that the egg really is a dragon egg. His name is Connor. He tells her that they have to destroy the egg. Trinity is hesitant, but agrees. As they move around the state, Connor tells her to get on a motorcycle, so trusting him, Trinity says yes. When they stop in the middle of nowhere, Trinity connects the dots--this isn't Connor. It's Caleb, his twin brother. This epic tale of dragons and the Fire Kissed will keep you entranced until the very end.

This book was... fantasy. And everyone knows I love fantasy. This book is interesting, combining dragons into world apocalypse. I know there is a sequel (whoo hoo), and that makes me very happy. I was reading during every bit of spare time I had. This book is amazing.