Friday, January 3, 2014

Inhuman by Kat Falls*****

In Inhuman, Lane is afraid for her friend and herself. They're trying to fly a mini-helicopter over the wall where the ferals live. Lane panics when the wall guard sees the helicopter and points it out. Lane and her friend go back downstairs to the party only to have the sanitation control people come in. Lane, though, is taken to a government compound, and there she is asked to turn in her father. Her father is a fetcher, a fact that Lane had not known before. This means that he goes over the wall to get relics of the past. Lane must go on an epic journey to find her father, find out the truth about ferals, and get out of her comfort zone.

This book is very interesting. It is all about disease and pretty much survival of the fittest, at least on the bad side of the wall. I think that the author did a good job on the way the characters are setup, intertwining the paths of their lives, making the book ten times more action packed (there was a lot of fighting through the characters). I think that this is a good sci-fi, horror novel, and who knows, maybe this really will happen.