Friday, January 17, 2014

Ghost of Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen****

In Ghost of Spirit Bear, Cole and Peter are back from their island redemption. The real world is taking its toll, threatening Cole. Cole cannot contain his anger, and everyone is teasing Peter and calling him "bear bait." Cole knows that if he uses his fists, he could be sent to jail. So one of the Circle Members tells him to fight with his "heart." Cole tries to change, giving his bullies three options: leave him alone, beat him up and have Cole press charges, or kill him. The bullies beat him, and when they're done, he goes to the station and presses charges. Cole soon realizes that it' not him who needs to change--it's the whole world around him.

This book is really thought-provoking. It is riding on stop bullying, speak up stuff. Cole is trying to stop bullying and holds assemblies to help get the mascot and people's behavior changed. This book has a really good message to it, and I think anyone should read it.