Monday, January 6, 2014

Vortex by S.J Kincaid****

In Vortex, Tom is back, and he's ready to make a change. He's at a gambling casino with his father when one of the people who could make or break Tom's career, and someone Tom's father hates, walks up to them. Vengerov. He invites Tom and his father to play a super hard game, testing Tom to see if he will get the money. Tom wins using his computer in his brain (I'll link the first book in the second paragraph). He returns to his military "home," and continues to train as peacefully as usual. But when Tom and his military "crew"  go up and visit Obsidian Corp., Tom is locked outside (this building is in Antarctica). Tom loses his fingers, his best friend, and almost his sort-of girlfriend.

This book is the sequel to Insignia, which I highly recommend. I think this book is very descriptive, but it carries the same story. It just didn't change much. Same plot. It is almost exactly like the first book--it just changes around the names. I think that it is a good book though, and I recommend this book as well to middle-schoolers and older students.