Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dead Ends by Erin Jane Lange*****

In Dead Ends, Dane is usually not labeled as the nice guy. A boy sees him beating up another kid  and just stares. Dane can tell he's a bit special (Down Syndrome). He gets ratted out and is required to take care of Billy D, the kid with Down Syndrome. Billy is obsessed with finding his dad, while Dane wants to have no business finding his. Billy forces Dane to help him, threatening to tell the warden if he doesn't. Dane feels quite threatened, and goes along with Billy's crazy plans to find his father.

This book is really hard to write  a review about. It is a good book, but it feels really sad or funny all the time. I think that this book could have been better, but I loved it either way. It reminds me of Petey with the bully (Dane) and Billy. It is a good book overall.