Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Book o' the Month for September 2013

I started reading in August, but now I have completed a whole month's worth of books. So here is the book o' the month!

I think Shadowmagic was the best book I read last month because it is my type of style. I like reading fantasy books set in Medieval times; they just have a lot of action. My post on this book also got a lot of page views, so I think other people might like it too.

Some people have asked me how I read a book a day. First, I read on the bus, whenever I get my work done at school, and for a couple of hours each night at home. Second, I also read pretty quickly, so that helps a lot. Third, my parents help me pick out really good books, and I always have something new to read.

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you find a couple of really good books!