Monday, October 14, 2013

The Trap by John Smelcer****

The Trap is about Johnny and Albert, Albert being Johnny's grandfather. When Albert becomes stuck in the Alaskan wilderness because he is too stubborn to stop checking his traps, people start to notice. Johnny notices on the second day, and he thinks that his grandfather will waltz in the door smiling. But in reality, he is stuck in his own trap waiting to be found. Albert has to fight wolves to help himself survive the tundra, he must make fires, and he must never give up hope.

This book showed me the Native American culture. Albert stills goes with the old ways. We all need to stop and think about nature and living things around us instead of taking ourselves for kings. I think this book gives a lot of food for thought, and it teaches an especially important lesson about hope. The Trap should be read by all ages.