Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Trick of the Light by Lois Metzger***

A Trick of the Light is about Mike. He is a good boy; he does everything he should. When his mom starts to sleep all the time, he starts to get fatter and fatter. He keeps getting annoyed by a girl who he has known till kindergarten starts to bother him about watching what he eats. The voice in his head tells him to listen to her. He starts to run for hours a day and rarely eats. He starts to become anorexic (or in other people's eyes he is). He is taken to a hospital where they make them eat 6 meals a day, but the voice in his head tells him not to lose his "perfect" body. Mike starts to gain control when his friends become friends again, and when he starts to eat like usual.

This book is an important message to most people. There are many people out there who just don't eat to lose weight, which is very bad for your body. Male anorexia is not as talked about as female anorexia. I'm glad Lois Metzger tacked this issue in a very interesting book.  This is a book for high-schoolers.