Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks*****

Evil Genius is about Cadel, the kid with the IQ higher than his teachers. He was always interested in hacking, but he almost never gets access to a computer without huge supervision. When he graduates high school at the age of thirteen, causing trouble along the way, he goes to the college that his father has made just for him. There he gets a huge computer system and does what he wants whenever he wants, so life is easy for him. He soon learns that life won't be easy all the time--not everything is handed to him on a silver plate.

This book was hilarious! It had humor at all the twists and turns. This book is for anyone looking for the best series (pretty much the best series ever). I recommend this for anyone in fourth or fifth grade because it is very appropriate, but I think older kids will enjoy it as well.