Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Ascension by Michael Carroll*****

The Ascension is about a group of super-humans, Lance, Roz, Abby, and Thunder (aka James). They are just starting to relax when their nemesis, Krodin, rises and takes them back in time. They trek in this new world which is completely different from the one they are used to. As they hunt down Krodin, they may just have to face an evil army of henchmen equipped with some of the most high-tech gadgets they've ever seen.

This book had almost all the elements I love. Fantasy and Sci Fi (plus the added bonus of being in a series) are just the genres I think should be in every book. I thought this book was very creepy with all the talk of killing and destroying certain people (Krodin!), but it isn't too violent. I would recommend this to kids in the middle levels.