Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Progarm by Suzanne Young*****

The Program is about Sloane, a girl who lives during a suicide epidemic. She has to be an emotionless being so she is not selected to be in the Program, which erases your memory to "help" you. Sloane is always trying to protect herself and her boyfriend, James, who always says he will protect her from the Program. But when their friend commits suicide, their lives fall apart. First James is taken, then Sloane is taken. She fights her way through the system to remember her memories to save her world. Can she break the system?

This book gives a lot of reasons not to take your life. This just raises everyone's guard (everybody is more alert and in your business) and causes a lot of problems. I think I would rather not like to live in a world like this. It would be depressing; sort of like what the Program looks for. I would recommend this book for high-schoolers. You have to read this book to understand it.