Friday, October 11, 2013

The Water Castle by Megan Frazer Blackmore ***

The Water Castle is about Ephraim, a boy who moved to his ancestor's castle when his father has a stroke. He is reluctant to move there because he is leaving all of his friends. When he gets to the castle, he thinks he can start anew. So he decides to act like he's the coolest kid in town to get more popular. He soon realizes that everyone is actully smarter than him, and stronger, and just better over all. When his father is being relocated to a different state, Ephraim knows he must do something. He chooses to find the Fountain of Youth and and cure his father from the side effects of the stroke.

This book is one of the many books written about the Fountain of Youth. I think this book is a bit cliched, but it adds the element of a bad situation instead of just wanting immortality. I think this is a book for all ages.