Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Last of the High Kings by Kate Thompson

The Last of the High Kings is about J.J and his family. His daughter, Jenny, cannot listen for the world. J.J is constantly trying to wrangle her in. When Jenny is up at an excavation pit, she starts to talk to a ghost and a p'uka (a shape-shifter). Everyone treats her like she's crazy, but J.J knows what she's talking about. He knows she means things from other worlds, like fairies. Will he be able to help Jenny, can he solve the endless riddle, and most of all, can he stop the two worlds from colliding?

This book wasn't very good. It was like it's prequel, The New Policeman (that's in another review). I thought that she definitely could have added more detail to these books. I think most people will find this book hard to get through. I would say this is for all ages.