Friday, October 18, 2013

Boy Nobody by Allen Zadoff****

Boy Nobody is about "Ben", a boy who has multiple identities, multiple kills, and multiple enemies. When he is assigned to kill the mayor of New York, the mayor's daughter causes complications at the highest degree. He needs to get close to the mayor, so he decides to get close to the mayor's daughter. But the relationship is more than he expected. The mayor decides to help Ben, and everything goes wrong. Ben finds it difficult to kill the mayor because he cannot hurt the mayor's daughter. Will he fulfill his assignment? Can he listen to his instructions? Will he be true to himself?

This book is an action-adventure novel, made for the rough-and-tough kids who love all the spy and agent stuff. I think this book shows that everyone has feelings, nobody is a rock. Nobody can have a void where their feelings are. It constantly mentions that "Ben" has no feelings (or he has a void of feelings), but he realizes near the end that he really does have feelings. I think that this is a book for high schoolers. It has some inappropriate scenes that make it questionable for a middle school audience.