Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey****

The Monstrumologist is about Will Henry, an assistant to a doctor; and with the creepiest hobby of all: discovering the freaks/monsters in the world. When a dead young girl is brought to the doctor, he questions why. He soon realizes that a monster was feeding on her. The monster is still in the coffin with her, but it is dead. This alerts Will and the doctor to the outbreak that is happening in their town. They must find the lair of the monsters and destroy all that still live.

This book was by far one of the creepiest books that I have ever read. It goes in full detail of all the gore, something I thought was a bit much. This makes me think more about connections in the world because the author constantly gives examples of the world's problems and the things we are most afraid of. If you don't want nightmares, don't read this book. I guess if I can't sleep tonight, I can always read!