Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Empty by Suzanne Weyn****

Empty is about Gwen, a girl from a very close future who has no oil. She is always trying to save fuel and money. She is in love with her neighbor, but when he goes to a bonfire where the visiting towns siphon gas from their tanks, things change. As she is waiting for her neighbor to return, her brother is selling illegal gas, which he stores in unsafe containers. Their house burns down and Gwen finds an environmental safe house. She is so astounded by the way this house runs, so she shares it with her friends. This energy just might be the way to save the U.S and the oil economy.

This book brings to mind the problems the world has with oil. Most people act like oil is infinite and will never run out, but they are wrong. Our oil supply is dropping and gas prices are on the rise. We must find a way to create green power so we can have the power we need. I would recommend this to all ages.