Sunday, October 20, 2013

H.I.V.E Escape Velocity by Mark Walden***

H.I.V.E Escape Velocity is the third book in the H.I.V.E series (sorry I missed it before!). Otto is back again with Wing, Shelby, and Laura. When their headmaster, Dr. Nero, is kidnapped, the school goes into total lockdown. Otto has a plan to get out of the school to rescue Nero, but his room is gassed, making it impossible to think. They are being taken to the substitute headmistress, but Raven decides to show up and crash the party. She escapes with Otto and his friends to the Megalodon, which is a super high-tech submarine. They must rescue Nero and stop Number One's diabolical plan. And now, the adventure begins...

This book is a big gap-filler because I accidentally read the other books before this one. I think this book, if read with the rest of the series, would be an amazing book. But I had to be dumb and made this book really boring for myself by not reading it before. This is an excellent series--I highly recommend it.