Monday, October 21, 2013

The Isle of Blood by Rick Yancey****

The Isle of Blood is the third book in the Monstrumologist series. Will is back with Dr. Warthrop, and they are looking for the "holy grail" (as described in the book) of all monsters. But when another apprentice shows up saying that he has applied to be Dr.Warthrop's apprentice, Will gets mad. Will immediately sniffs out a rat, and is worried for the doctor's safety. Will goes to rescue the doctor, but is wrapped up in an adventure of blood, gore, and all general monstumology.

This book is a huge read, it took me the whole day. This book has an adventure feel to it which I love. I loved the whole series, and I read them page to page. If you're ready to commit to a huge series, then you might want to try this series: warning, this book contains many graphics scenes. This book is not for kids under the age of 10. I think this book is a good read overall.