Saturday, October 19, 2013

Paradise Lost by Steven Layne*****

Paradise Lost is about Jack, a boy has been to Hell and back in his first adventure. He is now living a normal life, but when his brother calls him about an arch-rival, everything changes. Jack's girlfriend, Jori, is being stalked, his brother starts behaving weirdly, and his grandmother is poisoned. He gets a video of his brother being beaten, and then Jack knows he must do something. He decides to bring his arch-rival, Mr. Eden, down to his level. Jack must save his brother, his girlfriend, and most importantly, the world.

This book is really funny. The grandmother watches the shopping channel, and has a ton of awesome gadgets from the orders that she places. This book is a gut-buster that will make you want to never put it down. There is a first book to this series, but I seemed to have missed it. It certainly didn't stop me from enjoying this book though.