Friday, August 30, 2013

ShadowMagic by John Lenahan*****

Shadowmagic is for anyone who likes Percy Jackson mixed with Slathbog's Gold. It has the right amount of action and humor in it. Not very many books can compare with this one though.  It makes you feel a little silly because it's so funny until you realize that you're being stabbed in the back, or almost getting clubbed, and waking someone up (and facing dangerous consequences). Bad idea, very bad idea indeed. You don't want to mess with banshees. Or Brownies. Or trees.

I liked this book because it flows easily from one scene to the next, and that keeps the action going all the time. The characters are very well described and well developed. Fergal is my favorite character. He's funny and full of tricks. You'll laugh when you read this book, and despite the fact that all the characters are fantasy, you'll feel like it's sort of real world. In fact, John Lenahan creates such a detailed setting that it feels like you could just jump in.