Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Millon Suns by Beth Revis****

A Million Suns is the sequel to Across the Universe, and I liked it a lot better. In this book, they discover a secret, a very, very big secret. Amy and Elder are following a set of clues left by Orion (an evil villain in the first book who was supposed to be Eldest), but as they do this, the people of Godspeed are rebelling. The ship is sent into chaos when people start to die from the Phydus patches, a type of drug.

This book has a better plot than Across the Universe. There is more action and the plot really takes off (sort of like Godspeed). This is for readers who enjoy some mystery and sci fi but don't need a lot of romance when the main characters are a boy and a girl. I can't wait to read Shades of Earth, the final book in this trilogy.