Saturday, November 30, 2013

Unremebered by Jessica Brody****

In Unremebered there's a plane crash. All passengers are dead. Except one. Sera only remembers being dragged out of the sea, and then nothing beyond that. She is in a hospital with everyone making sure she's okay. A mysterious boy appears in her room, and he tells her that it's time for her to go. Then he just disappears. Sera later asks a nurse if she saw the boy, but apparently nobody had. Sera, or Violet (her nickname because it is the color of her eyes), is sent to foster care. She is instructed to lay low by the hospital because of the paparazzi--she is the only survivor of a major plane crash, and she is quite beautiful. She keeps trying to get her memory back, but she is kidnapped by a red-headed man. The man tells her it will be okay, but Sera knows something is up. He tells her that she is a cyborg, and that he was the one that made her. Then the boy from the hospital appears. Zen, as she learns, takes her on a magical adventure through her own memory.

This book had some very humorous elements. Zen and the foster brother are both quite funny. I loved the how the author introduces the foster brother. He got all huffy and said that Sera was "hot." I think the amount of detail was just right, not too gruesome, but not too kiddish. I really liked the parts with Zen on it because he never failed to make me laugh. This is an amazing book, but I wouldn't recommend this to elementary school kids.