Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Morgue and Me by John C. Ford****

What if your job was to clean up after the guys who perform autopsies? This is what Christopher does in The Morgue and Me. He learns that a man in his town, Mitch, has died. The head of the staff says the death was suicidal. Then Christopher gets a closer look; there are five gunshots wounds in the torso (or chest) area. He knows that a man couldn't have been able to do this on his own, so when he finds about fifteen grand in the head of the staff's suitcase, he just knows someone killed this man. Christopher goes to investigate the Mitch's murder, so first he stops at the reporter's office who did the story on Mitch's death. The reporter's assistant decides to take the case with him. Christopher is for real and so is Tina, the reporter's assistant. They uncover the clues leading up to the murder, and all the schemes behind it.

In this book I loved how the author integrates a bunch of old friends, along with the new into this book. Tina is introduced in the reporter's office. Then we have Mike, a long time friend, who is actually caught up in this whole murder. We also have Julia, a long time crush who dumped him for the homecoming dance. I have been going on a little mystery book rampage here. I don't know why, but mysteries make me never want to put the book down lately. I hope you love this mystery as much as I have.