Monday, November 4, 2013

Overpowered by Mark H. Kruger*****

Overpowered is about Nica. She is a free spirit, always moving around the world with her mom. When her mom gets the option to move to Antarctica, Nica is super excited to move. Then her mom breaks the news that she's going back home. Nica is horrified that she has to move back home. But when she notices that there is a curfew in the town, she begins to get suspicious. Then she meets up with "Rebel Boy" after curfew, and it happens. The pulse. She has never felt anything like it. Jackson, AKA Rebel Boy, has to show her his amazing powers. Then her new friend, Oliver, can run at amazing speeds and jump almost thirty feet up. Nica must embark on her adventure with super-charged humans with amazing powers.

This book was one of my favorites, probably because of the fact that the author's a film-writer. This book had so much detail. I thought it was amazingly written. Anyone looking for a good read must read this book.