Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Reluctant Assassin(WARP) by Eoin Colfer*****

Have you ever wanted to time travel? In The Reluctant Assassin Riley is the apprentice to Death himself, Albert Garrick. When Riley is about to prove his loyalty to Albert, the man he is about to kill wakes up. The man transports Riley forward in time with him. Riley tries to tell Chevie (a FBI trainee) that he is from 1898, but she just doesn't believe him. When Garrick goes through the teleporter, he merges with one of the scientists. Can Riley and Chevie survive Garrick, the streets of 1898 London, the gangs, and the thieves that patrol the streets--all at the same time?

This book was very weird. There were mutations after you go through the teleporter. I love how the author added the time travel because not many authors include this in their books. The stuff that comes out sometimes is really gross. If you love action and government-based novels, you will love this book. But again: not for the weak of stomach.