Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Last Book in the Universe by Rodman Philbrick****

Have you ever wondered what the future might be like? The Last Book in the Universe gives us a dsytopian look at what might be. In the time of probes (needles that directly project images into the user's minds), Spaz is one of the only people who can't use them. He's allergic to the needles. When his latchboss tells him to go rob Ryter, a old man (or gummy), Spaz gets creeped out. Ryter owns and is writing the last book in the universe. Ryter wants to know Spaz's story, but Spaz says he doesn't have one. Then Spaz's friend/sister Bean (he was adopted) becomes sick. Spaz, along with the help of a proov (an advanced human), a five year-old, and Ryter, goes to the family that he has been banished from to save the person he loves the most. Can he save Bean? Can he protect the last book in the universe? But can he make a change in the world they live in now?

This book really surprised me because it was sort of dull in the beginning. I read this in about an hour. I saw Catching Fire today, which caused me to read a really short book. Despite the fact that it was a quick read, I loved the amount of detail and action the author put into this book after the first few chapters. At every twist and turn, there was more and more action just waiting to be read. I think this is a bit more of an advanced book, so it's for kids in junior high or high school.