Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Seconds Away by Harlan Coben*****

Seconds Away all starts when Mickey is in the Bat Lady's house. She has shown him a photograph of the man who told him his father had died. But this photograph is roughly 70 years old, and the doctor was roughly 30. Mickey soon learns that one of his "crew" was shot in the head and her mother was murdered. Of course, Mickey is taken in for questioning. Mickey and the two other members of his "crew" try to solve the mystery, but Spoon, the youngest member of his squad, gets shot trying to help them solve the case. Ema is the other member. When Mickey follows her home, he finds out her gigantic secret. Then Mickey visits Spoon in the hospital, and Spoon tells him that they didn't catch the guy who killed the girl's mother and shot her in the head. Mickey, Spoon, and Ema must solve the mystery shrouding the town to unlock the secrets that run deep into their lives. Especially about the picture; the picture of the Butcher of Lodz.

This book was amazing. It could've used more detail on Spoon or Rachel, just to reinforce the characters more. I think that everyone looking for a great mystery book would love this book. It gave away the ending too fast though. You could guess who killed the mother and shot Rachel in the middle of the book. Overall though, it was very good.