Friday, November 29, 2013

Don't Look Now by Michelle Gagnon****

In Don't Look Now children are being taken off the streets and forced to undergo surgical procedures. Noa is one of the children who managed to escape the operating tables, and with Zeke (you learn about him in the first book) she fights the operations by stealing the children back. Of course she can't do this with just two people; she has a tiny army instead. The army is made up of people who have been rescued or almost been taken by the Project Persephone staff. Noa manages to save three kids on their next lab raid, but she is suspicious of the children. They go to a house where the whole army is welcome. There, two of the three children that they rescued set bombs and alert the people who will take them away. Noa manages to escape with Teo and Daisy. Can the three remaining members survive against the ruthlessness of the Project Persephone staff?

This book had a lot of potential for a series book. The author should have added a bit more to Zeke's background (I have read the first book, no surprise there. It didn't describe Zeke enough though.). The book had a lot of details and could be happening right now in the real world. I loved the first book, but this book gives it a run for its money.