Friday, November 1, 2013

Genius Squad by Catherine Jinks****

In Genius Squad Cadel returns, back and better and than ever. He tries to stop being the evil genius that he once was. But he just can't shake his evil ways of life. When he decides to join the squad, he notices they are looking for his supposed late father's program. Then the worst thing happens: the man that is bent on using Cadel for his advantage escapes from jail. In the middle of the night Cadel is taken along with Sonja to be transported to Prosper's base. Will Cadel use that huge brain of his to save himself and his friends?

This book was very well written for a series book. I loved how Cadel started out in a foster house again, just like the first book. This story has the same aspect as many action/adventure books in a series, but this book keeps the setting in modern times. It just adds some more things that keep you guessing throughout the book. I thought this book was a very, very good book.