Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fleshmarket by Nicola Morgan**

In Fleshmarket, the main character Robbie lives in 1822. His mother dies five days after surgery, leaving Robbie to live with only his father and sister. Robbie fends for himself, holding a grudge against the surgeon who "killed" his mother. Robbie follows around the surgeon and gets caught. The surgeon, Dr. Knox, helps him out. Robbie opens the door to one of Dr. Knox's friend's houses and looks upon a murder. Robbie runs for his life, knowing this is where the surgeon gets his dead "prisoners." Robbie is on the long road filled with murder and death, just trying to get revenge at the surgeon.

I think this book's details create a good historical fiction novel. The amount of detail the author crammed into the book was impressive. I loved how Robbie could connect with a lot of kids. This author did an amazing job on this book, but at times it had trouble holding my attention. This is for upper elementary kids because it is pretty short and not terribly violent or gruesome, although some of the details are gross and very appropriate for the time period.