Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thunder Over Kandahar by Sharon McKay***

Thunder Over Kandahar is about Yasmine. Her mother decides to move back to Afghanistan, and, of course, Yasmine has no desire to go. She must move, however, from England to a small Afghan village. One of the village girls immediately befriends Yasmine. A school is being built in their village, and it's for girls and boys. The problem is taht girls are not allowed to be educated according to the Taliban, so this could lead to major consequences. Yasmine learns that her friend Tamanna will soon be married because of her uncle's bets.  She runs away with the help of Yasmine into the mountains. They endure suicide bombers, the harsh desert, and the constant threat of the Taliban.

I think this author really explores thh problems of Afghanistan. The book described dangerous events with clarity. I loved the friendship between the girls. It gave the author so many windows to the story. I think this is a book for middle school kids, considering that it is a short read.