Wednesday, November 13, 2013

In Darkness by Nick Lake****

In Darkness is about Shorty, a boy in Haiti during the gang wars and the earthquake. He is in the hospital when the earthquake hits. He is buried under the rubble in a super tiny room. Shorty tells the story of his life, the gang wars, the government leaders, even dead sisters. He tells his story with bits of intertwined memory reaching out to him. The memories are from a slave rebel, the rebel who started the campaign to make Haiti free. Can Shorty escape from the darkness and into the light?

This book has so many good points. It always shows never to give up and to never look back. Shorty looks back to his past a lot and ends up paying the price for it. He thinks he finds his sister, but it's a different girl. He tries helping the gangs, read where that got him: the hospital. He pays the price in this, surprisingly, fiction book. I loved this book and I hope you do too. Warning--very brutal violence.