Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Body Christopher Creed by Carol Plum-Ucci****

In The Body of Christopher Creed, Torey and his friends live the "perfect" life. Then a kid at their school, Christopher, goes missing. Christopher has a few problems though. He's a motormouth, he can't learn to stay away from trouble, and he can't even get privacy in his own house! So when Christopher goes missing, everyone points at the kids that live in the ghetto, who have always bullied and hurt him. The principal of the school seems to have a suicide e-mail from Christopher, so Torey gets help to hack into the message. It was definitely written by Christopher. Torey decides to go on an adventure with the help of Ali and her boyfriend Bo, to help find/save Christopher from whatever he's gotten himself into.

This book had many elements to it. I loved the way Christopher described a girl on the beach in his diary. He said she was beautiful and shy. It turns out that all Christopher's stories were his own imagination. This book was full of teenager drama that is very realistic. This book presses into a much deeper subject than just bullying though, his parents gave him no individuality and were very over-protective. All of Christopher's siblings rooms were almost identical, and his parents would root through his own stuff whenever they felt like it. I think this book presses into the matter of over-protective parents and bullying, but this is not for younger kids. Only high-schoolers should read these kinds of books.